"We need something to balance out the stupid and the serious. Alex Forge is a young film maker based in Berlin making videos. And they are quite simply brilliant. Funny, poignant and serious, often in the same frame.”

Alex directs Music videos and fashion film, and works as a cameraman, editor and photographer for feature films and documentaries. He lately worked on the VFX for Wim Wenders award winning 'The salt of the earth' and as an editor for Golden Globes winner Jóhann Jóhannsson upcoming film. He has been following the band Nouvelle Vague on tour since 2016, and is currently doing a documentary about the recording of the new album of Them There ( Phoebe Killdeer, Craig Walker, Victor Van Vugt. )

Since 2016, He has a collectiv called "GhostRaum" , with Chloé Guerbois and Matthieu Schmit for Art, Installation and Storytelling
GhostRaum Showreel 2017

Alex Forge
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